Portal 3
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Portal 3

About Portal

    Portal (Portal, Portal 2, Portal 3) is a first-person brain-twister computer game made by Valve Corporation which is incredibly famous due to one more their creation - Half-Life. Actually Portal is tightly connected with Half-Life because all the action takes place in laboratory of investigations of portal nature which belongs to corporation Aperture Science. The main hero is called Chell and she is challenged with different trials inside this laboratory. The whole game process is based on puzzling with help of Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device which allow creation portals on flat surfaces. Actually a portal is made of two spatial ruptures and stepping between them guarantees quick moving into another place and quick transportation of any kind of subjects and items.
    As this game was developed on the base of Half-Life 2 we can meet here all the same weapons and characters. Also there're some common features in the graphics what however is no way surprising.
    The player is allowed to create only two portals at once - blue and orange. Opening of new portal leads to closing of old one of the same color. Moreover portals of same color can be opened literally one over another but portal of different color can be created only on certain distance. Portals preserve kinetic energy so when Chell enters one of portals she gets a good supply in order to use it then in solving difficult tasks.
    Both kinds of portals are equal and can be used both like entrance and exit. After entering one portal you're exit from another. In this game all the portals have two shapes - door aperture or elliptic window. Each portal is transparent so you can easily see what's going on in the place if leads to. There're some funny things in the game like an outstanding phenomenon which happens if you put one portal on the ceiling and second on the floor and then enter one of them. It will be the fastest falling in your life!
    After you've finished all the game maps you will get an opportunity to play on additional ones. There're advanced and challenged maps. In first case you'll see modified and more complicated test maps and in second case you'll have to pass one of three challenges - with minimal quantity of steps, with minimal quantity of least portals and with minimal least time.
    Portals have well thought-out system of achievements though game points don't give you any benefit except place in international Valve rating of gamers.

Portal 3

   Pretty nobody ever doubted in skills of developers of Valve - we all remember Half-Life and Half-Life 2 so there was no surprise in extreme popularity of both parts of Portal. Portal one by the way has same sources with Half-Life and it was one more factor which attracted gamers to adventures of young girl Chell who has to walk around the endless laboratory in search of exit.
   In the first part of Portal Chell had a nice company - artificial intelligence called GLaDOS who pretended to be her friend but in the end prepared a mortal trap for poor girl. Anyway Chell is a very smart person so she managed to escape death and to put GLaDOS into waiting mode. Anyway in Portal 2 GLaDOS wakes up by accident but had to unite with Chell against their common adversary - personality core Wheatley.
   Both games are characterized with very good graphics and complicated but absorbing puzzles and portals. Chell has to move around the laboratory only creating portals which let her immediately choose her location.
   Portal 3 is one of the most expected games of the year but no one still knows exact date of release. Anyway judging by previous experience the most probable time of release is December 2012 - January 2013.